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about-us Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to send your corporate message out to potential customers online. At we are dedicated to being cost efficient, as we are looking for a great long term relationship with our customers. What a successful company stands for is just as important as the customer services it produces. At Verified Email Data We are determined to satisfying you in every email marketing needs. Yes we can deliver you your best results! We can provide you the best lists, best software, and best prices available. To start with a small test lists you can purchase here and see for yourself the quality of our data.

USA Business to Business (B2B) Email Data

Looking for USA Businesses? The B2B Database includes: (Business Name, Business Email Address, Phone Number, SIC Code , Address, and Zip Code) This is a full opt in email bundle that is sent to you in Microsoft Excel .CSV format. We deliver results at a low price that makes you a profit and return on your investment.


Looking for a USA Businesses list?

Do you need to advertise your product or service to a specific US business or businesses group?


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